Thursday, November 4, 2010

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch

I went with Ellie's Kindergarten class to the Pumpkin Patch.... we have had better fall weather than this. It was pouring and I thought for sure it would be a miserable time. But, what cheers up someone more than a smile on your kid's face. Ellie had a great time despite the rain.
She got to pet the baby goat...
a baby pig....
and go through the hay maze two times! Fun stuff!
Isn't this the look of a girl who had a great time???


Rachel McEwen said...

She is one trooper. I guess you just get used to doing things in the rain and not canceling plans just cuz it rains. You are a trooper too. I bet it is nice to have a real pumpkin patch that isn't in a casino parking lot:) Love you!! I hope your halloween was fun......waiting for pictures. (I could say the same thing to myself:)

Brittany said...

She has gorgeous brown eyes! Love them!

Ellie with her friend Kyra at preschool graduation

Grace turns 8


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Michael with his nephew James in Boston playing baseball

Jeremy turns 11 in Montana, making crazy faces with his friends

Just hanging out in Las Vegas

Ellie's self portrait at Aunt Rachels

me with my sister Lacy.

Having fun in Aunt Lacy's pool

View from our penthouse balcony in Mexico