Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where we spent most of our time... in the water

Jackson doing one of his many tricks at Aunt Lacys pool.. back flip
Ellie and Kennedy who spent most of their time in the cooled down hot tub
Jeremy, Grace, and Jackson getting ready for the big leap

Our big adventures

Grace and Ellie on a ride at Camp Snoopy in Knottsberry Farm
I think I see a big one coming...get ready

August.. our annual trip to California and we made our way to Vegas.. lots of fun with family and in the water.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Davis family visits

Picture with the Mariner Moose

Ellie and Stella

Waiting for the Mariners game to start


Start of school.... Jackson (7th grade), Jeremy (4th grade), Grace (2nd grade) and Ellie (Pre-K)

Ellie with her friend Kyra at preschool graduation

Grace turns 8


Still can't figure out this crazy blog. Too many links to click, pictures to add, dialogue to type and I still got it wrong. Hopefully this will be at the top... if so, scroll through the pictures and you will arrive at my posts at the bottom of the page...

Michael with his nephew James in Boston playing baseball

Jeremy turns 11 in Montana, making crazy faces with his friends

Just hanging out in Las Vegas

Ellie's self portrait at Aunt Rachels

me with my sister Lacy.

Having fun in Aunt Lacy's pool

View from our penthouse balcony in Mexico