Friday, May 14, 2010

It has only been 5 months!

WOW, time has flown by. I have not had a post in 5 months. This post will only be a written update as I am having so many issues with my stupid computer so I can't post pictures. Maybe in another 5 months I will be able to. ANYHOW.... what has happened since our last post. I will work from the things that happened not so long ago, to the ones that happened a long time ago (but within the past 5 months).
1) Grace was baptized on May 1st (pix to come later)... she turned 8 on April 4th, and she DID NOT like sharing her birthday with Easter... although she loves the true meaning of Easter it was hard for the other kids to get excited as much as she wanted about her birthday presents when they had their own baskets.
2) Baseball has ended at the college for Michael. YEAH... he has been home more and doing so many great things around the house. My backyard is manicured and it looks beautiful. I actually rested in the hammock, with shorts on, with out the fear of rain for about an hour the other day, while he worked in the yard. It was so nice.
3) Baseball for the boys has begun... and we are sooooo busy with this. Between both boys I probably have 4-5 games a week. Not to mention Jackson is doing double duty with baseball and middle school track. He barely has time to socialize....YES!
4) I volunteered to be Grace's softball coach... I know, I am crazy. So add that to the list of things to do each week. However, I really have enjoyed it and so has she!
5) So I have posted about all the kids but Ellie... well, she is the tag-a-long. Poor thing... she goes and goes and goes. Most nights, after games or practices, she falls asleep in her car seat, no pajamas, teeth not brushed with evidence of a busy day on her clothes, face and hair.... I love that girl, she is a trooper. Lately she has been asking me when does she get to play soccer, can I have swimming lessons? UGH, not sure I am ready for all of them to be that busy. Someday I say...
Well that is about it... I will post pix of things as soon as I get this computer figured out. But bye for now.. love you all!

Ellie with her friend Kyra at preschool graduation

Grace turns 8


Still can't figure out this crazy blog. Too many links to click, pictures to add, dialogue to type and I still got it wrong. Hopefully this will be at the top... if so, scroll through the pictures and you will arrive at my posts at the bottom of the page...

Michael with his nephew James in Boston playing baseball

Jeremy turns 11 in Montana, making crazy faces with his friends

Just hanging out in Las Vegas

Ellie's self portrait at Aunt Rachels

me with my sister Lacy.

Having fun in Aunt Lacy's pool

View from our penthouse balcony in Mexico