Sunday, September 26, 2010


A new photo of the family....this is the last day of our vacation in Las Vegas and heading home to Washington... we look a bit worn out. We have been gone for 3 1/2 weeks. We drove to Montana, Colorado, Nevada.. Michael took a plane to Cape Cod and then WE took a plane to Mexico. Then we drove home up through California, Oregon, and finally to Washington 20 hours later. Whew.. I am tired even typing it!


Rachel McEwen said...

Oh I see how it pictures of me:) Just kidding. I should be thanking you. Brittany keeps telling me "your sister Tara is so nice" She really appreciates the comments you leave on her blog. I LOVED having you stay this summer, it was so much fun to just hang out with you and the kids and relax. Love you!!!

Brittany said...

You finally updated! I've been waiting. Rach told me you guys were busy this summer... she was right! Holy cow... You've been everywhere! You've had a jam packed summer...that's how it should be!
BTW thanks for the comments on my blog. You are so thoughtful. I think I've pretty much adjusted. It's always hard in the beginning after a big move, and it hasn't helped that I've been in an apt. We move into a house next week. I'm so excited to get things out of storage. Can't wait!
I like Washington. The people are super friendly... dare I say friendlier than Las Vegans? Also there are a ton of family friendly actvities. We plan to take advantage of all Washington has to offer! We need to meet up sometime and hang out. It'd be fun. Maybe we can convince Rach to come out and visit for a weekend. :)
Keep the blog posts coming. Is facebook really that much easier? Rach has been telling me to join, but I just can't seem to take the plunge! Take Care!

Ellie with her friend Kyra at preschool graduation

Grace turns 8


Still can't figure out this crazy blog. Too many links to click, pictures to add, dialogue to type and I still got it wrong. Hopefully this will be at the top... if so, scroll through the pictures and you will arrive at my posts at the bottom of the page...

Michael with his nephew James in Boston playing baseball

Jeremy turns 11 in Montana, making crazy faces with his friends

Just hanging out in Las Vegas

Ellie's self portrait at Aunt Rachels

me with my sister Lacy.

Having fun in Aunt Lacy's pool

View from our penthouse balcony in Mexico